Functional Assays

The RBK Consortium has put together the foundation for a collection of functional assays that are critical for achieving our consortium goals - for glomerular function, tubular function and absorption - and that are as transferable as possible for other labs in the consortium. We have begun with a focus on physiological assays but will likely expand to include developmental function in the future.

This is a result of work by the RBK Functional Assays Working Group, led by Dr. Lisa Satlin (Icahn School of Medicine) and includes representatives from all of the current RBK labs.

The intention is to integrate these assays with the rest of the RBK data browser to allow faceted search and to connect with resulting data. Until then, you can find the initial set of assays in the following slide deck:

>> Handbook of Functional Physiologic Assays v1 - 12/09/2021