The application period for our Partnership Project Program is now closed. Announcements of the awardees are expected late summer 2018. Thank you for your submissions!

RBK Partnership Project Program

Each year, this program invites investigators to submit applications that, if successful, will become part of the NIDDK (Re)Building a Kidney (RBK) Consortium (RFA-DK-14-010 & RFA-DK-14-009). Specifically, this Partnership Project Program aims to support the goals of the RBK Consortium through solicitation of additional projects in specific subject areas. Awardees of the Partnership Project Program become full participants of the RBK Consortium.

The application period has closed for the latest PPP. Once the awards have been given, we will post them below.

If you are part of a scientific project that would like to submit data to RBK, please send email to (or fill out the form at this link)

Awardees to Date

  • Lloyd Cantley, Yale - "Spatially-preserved expression analysis of kidney cells in human biopsy tissue"
  • James Eberwine, Junhyong Kim, University of Pennsylvania - "Identifying kidney cell phenotype factors using single cell RNA sequencing"
  • Ben Humphreys, Washington University in St. Louis - "Human Kidney Biopsy Single Cell Protocols and Analysis"
  • Jennifer Lewis, Harvard - "Bioprinting of vascularized, convoluted renal proximal tubules"
  • Andrew McMahon, University of Southern California - "Cellular Diversity in Human Nephrogenesis"
  • S. Steven Potter, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center - "Using cold active proteases for single cell dissociation"
  • Sanjay Jain, Washington University - "Engineering Human Collecting System Reporter Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines"
  • Jason Spence, University of Michigan - "Transcriptional profiling of in vivo derived human kidney tissue using single cell RNA sequencing"
  • Todd Valerius, Brigham and Women's Hospital - "Fluorescent reporter human iPS cell lines for monitoring renal cell lineages"