Request iPSC Cell Lines

For distributions after February 1, 2021, the cost of obtaining iPSC lines from the KTRC is $450/vial plus overheads ($90). An extra vial of the same line will be $225/vial plus overheads ($45). The recipient will be responsible for shipping costs.

RBK provides human iPSC parental and reporter lines. These tools are designed to enable studies to optimize current or new protocols toward target kidney lineages, adapt differentiation efforts to additional contexts (e.g. bioprinting or scaffold seeding), or monitor the maintenance of cell identity under different culture conditions. The reporter iPSC lines are designed to mark specific kidney cell populations upon differentiation into organoids with various fluorescent proteins. Some versions include cell specific Cre recombinase expression for cell lineage tracing.

Each line is available through request links that initiate a process to connect you with the donating laboratory and the cell distribution center funded by RBK.

Cell lines are stored in the RBK iPSC repository at Washington University's Kidney Translational Research Center (KTRC).

The process for requesting a cell line is as follows:

  1. Look through our available cell lines: Browse Reporter Lines | Browse Parental Lines
  2. For a cell line you would like to request, click the Request this cell line link on the cell line records or go directly to the form here and choose the cell line.
  3. You will receive email with the contact information for the cell line provider, link to the KTRC application form, and any other specific instructions regarding the cell line.
  4. The provider will send you the required approval documentation, most likely a Materials Transfer Application (MTA) form. Complete this form and return to the provider.
  5. If the provider approves your request, they will return an executed version of the MTA.
  6. You may then initiate in parallel an application to KTRC by downloading their application, filling it out, signing and sending it to them with a copy of the executed MTA and any other documents required by the KTRC application. Note: If the cell lines are not yet available for shipping - ie, they may still be undergoing quality control, etc. - KTRC will notify you and provide an estimated timeframe for shipment.
  7. Once the KTRC verifies the application, they will ship the cell line to you. You will be responsible for shipping charges.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for requesting, granting necessary approvals for and shipping your cell line.