Kidney repair and regeneration: perspectives of the NIDDK (Re)Building a Kidney consortium

Apr 6, 2022

The RBK Consortium is happy to announce our new paper in Kidney International: Kidney repair and regeneration: perspectives of the NIDDK (Re)Building a Kidney consortium! This was a collaborative effort across many RBK projects steered by Bilal Naved and Iain Drummond. Congratulations to all those involved in writing this paper:

Bilal A. Naved, Joseph V. Bonventre, Jeffrey A. Hubbell, Neil A. Hukriede, Benjamin D. Humphreys, Carl Kesselman, M. Todd Valerius, Andrew P. McMahon, Stuart J. Shankland, Jason A. Wertheim, Michael J.V. White, Mark P. de Caestecker, Iain A. Drummond.

Abstract: Acute kidney injury impacts ∼13.3 million individuals and causes ∼1.7 million deaths per year globally. Numerous injury pathways contribute to acute kidney injury, including cell cycle arrest, senescence, inflammation, mitochondrial dysfunction, and endothelial injury and dysfunction, and can lead to chronic inflammation and fibrosis. However, factors enabling productive repair versus nonproductive, persistent injury states remain less understood. The (Re)Building a Kidney (RBK) consortium is a National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases consortium focused on both endogenous kidney repair mechanisms and the generation of new kidney tissue. This short review provides an update on RBK studies of endogenous nephron repair, addressing the following questions: (i) What is productive nephron repair? (ii) What are the cellular sources and drivers of repair? and (iii) How do RBK studies promote development of therapeutics? Also, we provide a guide to RBK’s open access data hub for accessing, downloading, and further analyzing data sets.

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